On Site Inspection

When shopping for a classic or muscle car be sure that you have it inspected. It is critical, especially if you are buying the car over the Internet. Buyers usually will allow an independent appraisal to take place prior to purchase. If they do not, then do not purchase the vehicle. Appraisals are done to verify that the vehicle matches the description as advertised by the seller. They also provide a level of protection between the buyer and seller. An appraiser should double check the integrity of the car both mechanically and structurally. He should also authenticate the originality of the car unless it has been modified. Modified cars, such as power-train upgrades should be noted, especially if the seller claims originality.

On site inspection available in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Call or email for an appointment and rates depending on location.

If you don't need an on site inspection, you can get a mail order appraisal for $50. Check the Home Page for online mail order appraisal.