Accurate Auto Appraisers - Pre 1975 Order Form
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Vehicle Information
License: _______________ Vehicle ID: _______________________________________________
Year: _________________ Make: ____________________ Model: ________________
Engine: _______________ Transmission: ______________ Length of ownership: ______
Odometer: _____________ Actual Mileage: ____________ Purpose of appraisal: ______
Insurance Co: _____________________________________________________________________________
Factory Options: ___________________________________________________________________________
Modifications: ____________________________________________________________________________

Condition Report
Body: _________________ Glass: _________________ Drive train: ____________
Paint: __________________ Interior: ________________ Wheels & Tires: ________
Chrome: ________________ Engine: ________________

Attach additional vehicle information if necessary.

Describe known problems: ____________________________________________

Do you have an opinion of the value? $___________ How much invested? $___________

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Using the the following descriptions rate the vehicles overall grade: _______________

1. Excellent: Perfect professional restoration or brand new. A 95+ point show winner that is not driven.
2. Fine: Superior restoration and/or extremely well maintained original.
3. Very Good: Completely operational original (some wear) or deteriorated or amateur restoration or a partially restored car with all necessary parts.
4. Good: Drivable and mostly usable as is. In need of restoration (considerable wear).
5. Restorable: May not be running, mostly complete.
6. Parts Car: Beyond restoration, above scrap.

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