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JC A. from Union City, CA wrote on 5/8/2018: Monte and his team deserve all the praise in the world for what they do. You can't beat experience! With their strategies, I beat State Farm's tactics against diminished value claims and I am finally getting fair compensation. His reports are works of art! I will gladly recommend his services to anyone that has had the misfortune of dealing with these insurance companies regarding diminished value.
Tony K. from Sacramento, CA wrote on 4/18/2018: I called up Monte to ask for some advice on an appraisal from an insurance company. He helped me understand the system, what it would take to challenge them, and what I could hope to recover. With this information in hand, I was able to make an informed decision about my situation instead of leaving all of the power in the hands of my insurance company.
Christine I. from Santa Clara, CA wrote on 4/4/2018: MONTE is the guy. Hands down.
He's old school- answers his own phones, does everything with pen and paper.  He has office assistants (Berkeley students) who send agreements and emails on his behalf.
Tell ya what. We had a unique insurance situation with water damage (insurance-speak for TOTAL LOSS VALUATION). I have a unique and spectacular car- a 2003 Audi RS6 (1 of 850 ever released in the USA), so comp's were very hard to find, and harder to compare because of the age, some cars have had a dozen owners, some have been tracked and thrashed, some garaged their entire existence.
Monte worked with our insurance agent's appraiser, and we received a new & revised offer for $4K MORE than the original offer. Yes, FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS.  All because he is very knowledgeable about the market, the pressure points with each company, and how to frame the appraisal so that the insurance representative "looks like the good guy" to his company when presenting the final negotiated value.  Monte is just a great negotiator and I'd recommend him for any appraisal, damage valuation, loss, etc you need.
I told him I'd bring the car by when it was "all said and done" and take him and his team out to dinner. I intend to make good on this!
He offers a partial MONEY BACK guarantee if he doesn't settle for at least double the cost of his services. Wait, what?! Who does that?
OLD SCHOOL people with ETHICS do = Monte Sobrero.
Thanks for reading this far! What are you waiting for ? CALL HIM.
Mark H. from Floriston, CA wrote on 4/3/2018: Monte is extremely knowledgable and plain talking. He took the time to explain the complicated vehicle total loss process to me and advised me to not pay for an appraiser, without charging me a penny. If you want some straight talk and honest help, call Monte.
Suresh K. from San Jose, CA wrote on 3/24/2018: Needed advice regarding a driver who backed into my car.  He & I have the same auto insurance. The claims agent took both our recorded statements, and he lied, saying I hit him.  Because I didn't get anyone's name/contact information who witnessed the collision, Monte said I didn't have a chance in hell winning in court.  My insurance claims adjuster told me his recorded statement didn't make any sense, and she didn't believe him. Monte suggested I cut my losses, pay the deductible and get the auto body repairs needed: a new front bumper, a new hood and a new headlight. I'm so po'd about this driver lying and have learned a hard lesson. Monte's advice was both sound and valuable. I'm very grateful for his help!
MixMaster W. from Foster City, CA wrote on 8/2/2017: Monte is a excellent resource for people debating total loss claims in Berkeley. He introduced me to the detailed concepts of like kind and quality. He explained the advantages of playing one insurance company (your company with which you have collision or comprehensive) against another ("the other guy that hit you" 's insurance company). And then he took a careful look at the circumstances, including the negotiating I had done already, and told me he didn't feel he could justify his fee with the money he could gain me. And in a parting shot he suggested I take one more crack at the adjuster, and predicted the best I could do - he was right to within 2 dollars!! Yes Monte, I surely owe you that dinner!!
Greg W. from San Francisco, CA wrote on 7/17/2017: I have used Yelp for as long as I can remember but I have never left a single review.  Seems fitting that my first review would be for Accurate Auto.  Long story short, I am looking to break a car lease 1/2 of the way through it.  I called Monte on a Sunday and he called me back within 30 minutes.  We talked for a half an hour about all of my options.  At the end of the call, we agreed my best way to proceed did not involve brining my car to him or paying him a dime.  Not easy to find someone so genuine and honest.  I really appreciated his time and his counsel.
Cecil N. from Piedmont, CA wrote on 7/10/2017: I had a vehicle that was totaled and my insurance company tried to lowball me and i knew it.  To make a long story short I hired Monte and he got me almost $5k more than what the insurance company originally offered to settle on. He is literally a "pro".
Em S. from Healdsburg, CA wrote on 6/21/2017: Monte is 100% one of a kind awesome. All the positive comments per other reviews apply. I called him because my 1994 325is was totaled and ins. co. was only offering $3.5K, for a car that had been very well-maintained had at least another 100K to 200K miles in it. Monte was *extremely* knowledgeable about all facets of insurance companies, how they operate etc. as well as the appraisal process etc. Monte was very clear, direct, honest and helpful.  Due to time constraints, and the relatively low value of my vehicle, I decided to just settle, but for *anyone* seeking a fair + appropriate settlement from their insurance co, I would strongly recommend they contact Monte and his team. The planet would be a better place if there were more people like this!
Steve F. from Danville, CA wrote on 5/3/2017: Monte and Cara did an excellent job of getting me what my car was worth.  He was extremely interesting to speak to, very knowledgeable, and forthright.  I highly recommend him as very professional and thorough.
Jonathan L. from Burlingame, CA wrote on 3/27/2017: Monte has a wealth of technical and practical knowledge for handling the appraisal clause process.  He tells you like it is, provides his thoughts and recommendations and how to manage the insurance company.
In an insurance business process that is so very manipulative against the consumer, it's important to have someone to advocate in your best interests.  From my experience with Monte, he worked above and beyond my expectations and is a true reflection of his character as a professional and human being.
Thanks so much for your help!
Former owner of a Total Loss 2002 VW Eurovan Weekender
sam f. from San Diego, CA wrote on 3/20/2017: I cannot Thank Monte enough!! He got me 17k on a total loss claim through my insurance that they only deemed it worth 7k!!!! He will completely blow your expectations away! His understanding of how insurance companies work is priceless!! Monte will fight for your best interest at all times!! His no B.S. attitude gets things done!! I still owe you dinner Monte! I haven't forgotten!!  Hands down, the best at what he does!!
Snehal D. from San Jose, CA wrote on 3/19/2017: I contacted Monte seeing best reviews for his company. And my experience was no different than what other people have mentioned. Monte is very confident about his work and was very patient, nice and helpful throughout the process.  I called him up and he provided me detailed info regarding steps I need to follow. Once the required document were given to him, he compiled detailed appraisal report and asked me to forward it to third party insurance. He helped me to get back 5600$ in a week without any queries raised.
Surely trustworthy person and would strongly recommend!!
David R. from Oviedo, FL wrote on 6/14/16: Monte and his team are professionals. Monte himself is old school, but that is never a bad thing. Accurate Auto Appraisals will deliver a great appraisal that includes technical and market factors. Constant communication is very important for any business, and I think Monte and his team are constantly working to make that process better.
Lui B. from San Diego, CA wrote on 6/14/16: WARNING! Monte will blow your expectations out of the water! I personally received $4000 from an insurance company from a diminished value claim he helped my win!!

He is the most driven, hard-working, confident and committed individual I have ever worked with. Not only will he exceed any expectations and OVER-DELIVER, but Monte personally handles your case and makes sure to go up to bat for you against these big insurance companies.

Having Monte on my side gave me the confidence and motivation to continue pressing forth until the insurance company finally paid me what was owed from a diminished value claim!

I honestly felt like I was in out of my league before hiring Accurate auto appraisers to help me with my diminished value claim, however after the first phone call with Monte, I felt assured and secure that we will reach a settlement with the insurance company.

Monte is super knowledgeable with this industry and everything the big insurance companies may have up their sleeves. Thankfully, Monte being as awesome as he is, always had an answer to every trick and was even 5 moves ahead of the insurance company’s next move.

Having such industry knowledge is priceless, and I am eternally grateful!
Monte isn’t just an auto appraiser, he is a partner, friend, and basically like having a lawyer on your side! I cannot express how appreciative and blessed I am to have had Monte help me with my diminished value claim.

My favorite part about working with Monte is that he goes above and beyond what his job responsibilities are. He takes the time to consult with you over the phone at no extra cost and answers all your questions effectively and confidently!

I HIGHLY encourage anyone that has a claim against any insurance company to give Monte a chance! His rate is super reasonable and he even offers a special guarantee :)

I cannot thank Monte enough for helping me win my case and anyone thinking about hiring someone to win a case against your insurance company, you can rest assured and know that Mont will do whatever it takes to reach a settlement in your favor!
George H. from Los Altos, CA wrote on 2/10/16: Monte Sobrero is very professional. I was involved in a total loss settlement case for my car accident, and I was glad I called Monte for help. Over the phone he gave me a lot of very helpful tips and knowledge, and I was able to learn and obtain the Mitchell report from the insurance company. Once I noticed that the insurance company missed many packages and options on my car, I was able to point those out and negotiate further with them and eventually got an amount I was very satisfied with. I am very glad I called Monte! If you are involved in a total loss car accident, you will be way better off if you call Monte to help you with the process.
Samira J. from Scottsdale, AZ wrote on 10/14/11: I wish I could give them more stars! Let me start by saying that whatever Monte Sobrero said from the beginning, he DELIVERED! He doesn’t give you false hope, he says it like it is…very hard to find honest people these days.

I got rear-ended in my BMW X5. I was going after the insurance company for depreciation value on my car. Of course the insurance company wanted to give me a hard time, but Monte is so knowledgable in his field that they were no match. Monte got me per dollar the exact amount he said from the beginning. Thank you Monte, I wish there were more business owners like you!
H.K. from Reno, NV wrote on 6/29/13: Because of Accurate Auto Appraisers’ involved, I get $2,600 more in payoff than the original offer from my insurance company, thank you Mr. Sobrero!
Stephen M. from Castro Valley, CA wrote on 4/16/16: Personalized service from an experienced appraiser who knows autos from the ground up.

His qualifications are impressive as is his command to speak to the truth of the matter.

Thanks Monte
Donovan P. from San Diego, CA wrote on 2/10/16: I was selling my 45 year old Buick Skylark, and the buyer needed what I thought would be a simple appraisal as a condition by the credit union to secure financing and insurance coverage. It turned out that there were glitches in the process due to the lender’s unreasonable requirements. Ariana and Monte resolved them all in a timely manner and were always available throughout the frustrating process, with the expertise and resolution of the obstacles.
Drew S. from San Diego, CA wrote on 2/01/16: I was referred to Monte by a fellow car enthusiast- I needed help getting sufficient insurance coverage on my 1956 Continental Mark II restoration I had just finished. After 7 years and 5000hrs of work , the best insurance policy (from the insurance company I really wanted) would only cover about 1/3 of my investment. With Monte’s expertise, knowledge and grand effort— we were able to get the full coverage I needed. He worked diligently and honestly with excellent communication. The final appraisal is an impressive looking presentation which is easy to read and understand. From a Model A Ford to a brand new Tesla-his decades of auto expertise will produce the “accurate”, professional, and timely valuation you need—Thanks Monte !!
John D. from San Diego, CA wrote on 10/05/15: Don’t worry where you live in California! Monte Sobrero’s company will do a really fine job working with you on getting what you deserve from your insurance company. I live in San Diego, and Accurate Auto Appraisers (Monte Sobrero) in Berkeley worked dilligently with me and got nearly five times what my insurance company offered for a restored classic VW van. While this might be an exceptional case, I know that Monte will do the best for you. I cannot say too much about his professionalism and his fair representation on my behalf. Sure, it takes time, to cut through the BS and stalling of an insurance company, but I would trust him implicitly to keep me informed. Candid, and sometime rushed in his demeanor, he will really do a fine job for you! Trust in him and his staff, you won’t be sorry!

John de Beck, San Diego, CA. Ph. 619-275-0137….. call me anytime!
Jeff F. from Rockford, MI wrote on 9/25/15: Monte was The perfect person for the job! I was told by my insurance agent that the next step to try to get the money for a totaled vehicle that I thought it was worth was to go to appraisal. So I got on the Internet and started searching for an appraiser to handle my side claim. Accurate Auto Appraisers was my first and only call. After I talked to Monte and he explained all of the in’s and out’s of how it works I was very comfortable and sure I got the right company for the job. I sent them a check and got the ball rolling. He did everything he said he would and then some. He kept me informed every step of the way and never got nervous. It always takes time to do things the right way and it was done to perfection. I can’t thank Monte and Accurate Auto Appraisers enough for the great job they did. If you are reading this and need someone to represent you in an auto claim don’t look any further. This is the team for you. PS Thanks again for the great work!!!
Curtis D. from Hanover, PA wrote on 5/20/15: I just had a most enlightening conversation with a professional auto appraiser named Monte Sombrero, who is the sole professional proprietor of Accurate Auto Appraisers.

He spent at least 20 min’s or what seemed more like an hour giving me a FREE consultation helping me with an accurate automobile quote to present to the opposing insurance co.

He covered an incredible range of contingencies for which I need to be aware of, and FOR FREE.

I would recommend his services to anyone with the problem I am facing. His initial 20 Min. consultation is FREE. If you need additional services, of course there will be an incredibly reasonable fee.

Curtis R. Doll, Jr., owner of CurtisGraphics Corporation.
Eric F. from Lafayette, CA wrote on 5/10/15: I worked with Monte for 8 months on a diminished value claim and I can verify what others have said: He has excellent professionalism and provides prompt appraisal. In my case, he guided me with thorough legal information through the small claims process, even consulting other advisers as needed.

We did not prevail in court but Monte stood by his contract guarantee nevertheless.
His service is exemplary in his ongoing guidance in the insurance dispute process.
Werner G. from Redwood City, CA wrote on 3/26/15: Monte helped me with a diminished value claim and loss of use claim. There are many choices when getting an appraisal for insurance purposes, but Monte provided the support - countless conversations and advice, response letters, etc. - that were required when the insurance company initially denied the claim, as they always will since they’re not in the business of giving away money.

In the end, I received the full amount of both my claims, with Monte doing the heavy lifting in the process that quite frankly, I was ready to give up.
Sara M. from San Francisco, CA wrote on 9/13/14: Monte did an amazing job for us. He appraised our car so we could donate it. When our charity fell through, monte lined us up with a new charity. He promised to gave the appraisal to me within a week but had it back to me within 3 days. Monte went above and beyond what we paid him to do, he explained each step of the process to us, and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him if you need an appraisal.
Francoise M. from Mountain View, CA wrote on 8/17/14: Thank God that I found Mr. Monte Sobrero who knew from the beginning what I was talking about with the DIV (Diminished Value) on my Car when it was rear-ended in a parked position…It took almost 3 years with the Insurance Company to NO Customer Satisfaction at all until Mr. Monte came into the picture with his Professionalism and UNDERSTANDING of the matter…I did not have to repeat myself more than ONCE and that made the DIFFERENCE between the Insurance Company and Mr. Monte when it took him LESS than a MONTH to resolve the situation to my SATISFACTION because Mr. Monte KNEW what he was talking about with the Insurance Company….The package that Mr. Monte put together for the Insurance Company was SUPERIOR in term of being DETAILS oriented and very PROFESSIONAL to a point that the Insurance Company had nothing to say about it except PAY what was owned to me as a CUSTOMER without going to Court over it….THANK YOU so much Mr. Monte Sobrero for an excellent Job Well-done and be assured that my Friends and Acquaintances will get a Reference from me to you anytime…:) Thanks again Mr. Monte!
Tony M. from East Oakland, CA wrote on 8/08/14: Monte is fantastic! He is a “vault” of automobile knowledge. I recently purchased a classic. Even when you think you know what you’re buying, it’s reassuring to have the peace of mind when an expert can review your “baby.” Every possible aspect was examined thoroughly and well explained. 11 My appraisal was fair and delivered promptly. The best part was the well documented packet that was included. A complete history of the actual car and model history including a ton of stuff I never even considered were included.

I highly recommend Accurate Auto Appraisers!
John S. from Fontana, CA wrote on 3/30/14: My name is John Silva and I Highly recommend Accurate Auto Appaisers. Monte is an up front and honest man. He followed through with every thing and did a great job in doing so. I have a 1962 Chevy Impala and His report was exactly what I hoped for, there was references and comparable to support the value of my vehicle.I am very pleased with his work and his professionalism.
Fa S. from Hercules, CA wrote on 9/15/13: Monte was very through in his review and more than knowledgable about cars. He took about 20 photos and made sure they were all very clear for the appraisal, any blurry picture he than immediately went back and took another photo.

When I showed up for the appraisal, he was right on time and on the ball soon as I got there. He did an immediate walk around, checked under the hood and trunk, after he inspected the body and interior. We then walked inside and he ran through all my paperwork regarding ownership and upgrades. The process taking about 45 mins was wells worth it and so was the price for the appraisal. My final draft and complete appraisal write out was ready a couple hours later for pick up. When I came back to pick up the final draft, it was professional and through to the T, it listed three different book value companies, his pictures and his professional opinion, thoughts and upgrade values. In my opinion it was all wells worth it. I would recommend him to everybody seeking a very accurate and professional appraisal.
Travis K. from Encinitas, CA wrote on 4/22/13: Fast and professional! We went to AAA in a time crunch and they rose to the challenge. They jumped on our project and did everything they said they would do. Very knowledgeable. Quick turnaround. I would highly recommend them!
Alex D. from Newark, CA wrote on 4/08/13: Monte Sobrero has been dealing with classic cars before i was even born. His back ground and knowledge of classic and current vehicles is amazing. I had to have my 1986 Buick Grand National appraised so I could get insurance for my vehicle. Monte knew every detail about what makes a real grand national vs a clone and got countless amounts of pages showing the rarity of my vehicle. The price Monte charges for his services is a very fair price. Money well spent and if you have a classic car which needs to be appraised I would only take my car to Monte. He is a great guy to work with and always answers his phone day or night. I would recommend him to everyone.
Rob D. from Santa Rosa, CA wrote on 11/08/12: Monte Sobrero at Accurate Auto Appraisers is the real deal. You can ask for his resume, which is extensive, but just talking with Monte should convince you that he knows what he is doing. For the first time in over 20 years my insurance company wanted an appraisal on my customized classic car. This was a low production car that Monte was familiar with right off the bat. He was prompt, timely, and accurate in his work and at a fair price. Great job!
R.H. from Vacaville, CA wrote on 10/14/12: It was a pleasure working with Mr. Sobrero. He is very straightforward and provides excellent customer service. I have worked in law enforcement for nearly 14 years and I get lied to all the time - dealing with Mr. Sobrero was a breath of fresh air. I would highly recommend Accurate Auto Appraisers.
Fred T. from Stockton, CA wrote on 11/19/11: Working with Monte Sobrero was like a breath of fresh air, down to earth, hardworking, and honest.
I recently used Accurate Auto Appraisers for an Insurance appraisal on a one of a kind classic auto. I did not have a realistic price for the car and Monte walked me through the whole process. My insurance provider was just as impressed with the research done to determine the value of the car as I was. Thanks again Monte